Kylie Portelli Duspara – Mother & Fitness Model.

My trainer, introduced me to using XR Slide. He hands me these things and I had no idea what they were. Next thing I know, I’m in a full sweat, doing all these slide lunge variations, push ups, and then…the ab workouts…OMG!
Now, I take them wherever I might be training, whether indoors or outdoors. I generally mix them into every workout. They are SO good! They are really effective for keeping everything nice and firm. I love them!

Amy Walsh – Physiotherapist, Melbourne, Australia

We have been using XR Slide at our physiotherapy clinic for years now and I find they are a fantastic complement to the pilates work we do in the studio. As they dont take up a lot of space and are not expensive, a lot of our pilates clients have purchased them to do their own core workouts at home. I also use with some of the junior swimmers I treat, as you can work the core in very functional positions, which then carries over well to help them maintain a good streamline position in the water.

On a personal level the xrslides have been fantastic rehab for myself after having a baby last year. They are a great time efficient tool whilst providing a hard workout that helped me activate my core more efficiently. I happily recommend xr slides to many of my patients.